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Chimney Wall Hoods offer a sleek, European design that blends with any kitchen.

Bosch stainless steel chimney hoods integrate matching user interfaces and design aesthetics to complete the Bosch kitchen suite with sleek and sophisticated styling reminiscent of European design. With 300 and 600 CFM options, beautiful Bosch hoods will quickly clear the air of grease, steam, smoke and odor to keep your home fresh and odor free.

Under-Counter Ventilation is the perfect compliment to your kitchen suite.

Bosch under-cabinet hoods complete your Bosch kitchen suite with matching user interfaces and sleek European design. With options from 280 CFM up to 600 CFM of power, these hoods are ideal for Bosch cooktops and slide-in ranges.

Downdraft Ventilation is an elegant solution that retracts our of sight.

The perfect solution for high ceilings, islands, or the desire for an uncluttered look, the downdraft rises from behind your cooktop instead of above. Several 600 CFM blowers are available, including a recirculation kit for difficult-to-duct situations.

Custom Hood Inserts are engineered to minimize smoke and designed to disappear.

Create a seamless design that blends with your cabinetry with a Bosch custom insert hood. These sophisticated ventilation systems can be used in wall installations and are available in 21” and 29” configurations.

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