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Viking Gas Cooktops

Designed to fit most existing cutouts, Viking Professional Gas Cooktops offer a hassle-free kitchen upgrade with superior cooking power. These surface units strategically deliver up to 66,000 BTUs of total power, giving you the freedom to not only cook whatever you like, but however you like.

Viking Electric Cooktops

Viking Professional Electric Cooktops provide commercial power and professional performance exactly where you need it. With QuickCook surface elements that reach full power in three seconds, a triple element to accommodate a variety of cookware sizes, and a bridge element to create one continuous cooking surface – these electric cooktops deliver the ultimate in performance.

Viking Induction Cooktops

With induction cooking, a magnetic field instantly transforms your cookware into the heat source – and an extremely efficient one, at that. Commercial-grade technology ensures professional power, reliability, and precision control. Viking Professional Induction Cooktops are also compatible with most high-end stainless steel, enamel, and cast-iron cookware.

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