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JennAir trash compactor allows you to efficiently reduce trash volume by up to 80%, while its fully integrated console hides controls for a sleek appearance designers appreciate.

5:1 Compaction Ratio Using Compress Option

This option reduces trash volume by up to 80%, applying up to 2300 pounds of compacting pressure.

Anti-Jam and Tilt Sensors

Anti-Jam and Tilt Sensors ensure smooth operation, even for the most challenging loads.

Fully Integrated Console

This luxury compactor’s fully integrated console houses its controls in a hidden panel that disappears when the compactor is closed, for a sleek appearance.

1.4 Cu. Ft. Drawer Capacity

This compactor’s extra-large capacity requires less frequent removal of its contents.

Fan with Charcoal Filter

The charcoal filter works with the fan to clean the air and eliminate odors, for a fresher kitchen environment.

Heavy-Duty Zinc-Coated Frame and Drawer

Heavy-duty construction supports this powerful compactor’s high compression ratio.

Built-In Under Counter Installation

With under counter installation and hidden controls, this luxury compactor integrates beautifully into any kitchen design.

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