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Super Capacity
Fit more in every load. Wash & dry 3 days of laundry at once.

Super Speed
Get your laundry done sooner. Quick wash and dry in only 45 minutes.

Super Efficiency
Strong, efficient cleaning performance, every time, with our high efficiency washer with stainless steel tub.

Super Gentle
Whiter whites, brighter colors, and fewer allergens with advanced rinse cycle technology that uses fresh water.

9 Wash Cycles
Features 9 multiple wash cycles to meet all of your washing needs such as Delicate, Bedding, and Casual.

9 Drying Cycles
Offers 9 drying cycles to meet all of your drying needs including Cotton/Towels, Refresh, Delicates and Heavy-Duty.

Sensor Dry
Ensures laundry dries the first time with automatic moisture sensors.

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