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True European Convection with Direct Air – Channels heated air from the top of the oven and circulates it around food on all sides for perfectly uniform baking and roasting.

WiFi Connect – Allows you to control oven functions from anywhere inside or even outside your home, using your smartphone or other web-enabled mobile device.

Backlit Electronic Control Knobs and Bright LCD Display – Are as elegant as they are ergonomic.

Theatre-Style LED Oven Lighting – Located on both sides of the oven to enhance visibility and provide a clear view of food, regardless of rack position.

Ten-Pass Bake Element – Covers more surface area for more even baking results.

Advantium Speed Cook Ovens

4 Ovens in 1 – Speedcook, convection, microwave and warming capabilities.

Speed Cook Technology – Delivers oven-quality results up to eight times faster than conventional cooking methods with no preheating.

True European Convection Mode – Bakes, roasts and browns foods to perfection.

Microwave Mode – Provides a fully functioning sensor microwave that allows fast, precise reheating and defrosting.

Warming Mode – Keeps prepared dishes at ready-to-serve temperatures.

Pizza Ovens

Electric Heating Zones – Combine the crisping performance of traditional coal- and wood-burning pizza ovens with the precision and ease of a sophisticated appliance.

Integrated Oven Ventilation System – Allows for simple installation, with no additional ductwork required.

Built-In Installation – is made possible with a 30″-width cabinet cutout.

Capacity Touch LCD Controls – Allow for easy selection of preset cooking options, including a variety of pizza settings and choices for making flatbreads.

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