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Freestanding Maytag ranges, sometimes called stoves, combine an oven and a cooktop into one appliance. For twice the cooking convenience, choose a double oven range from the brand that pioneered the configuration.

Fit your kitchen and cooking style with both gas and electric options.

Key Features

Intense Heat Brings Out Flavors – Power Preheat and Power Element helps you evenly bake tasty sides and sear steaks fast, while convection cooking makes crispy and juicy part of your everyday dinner.

Power Elements – The 10″ Power Element allows for a slow, even saute and the intense heat for a seared, juicy steak.

EvenAir True Convection  – EvenAir true convection uses a powerful heating element and a sturdy fan to circulate even temperatures for more consistent roasting and baking.

Auto Convect Conversion – Adjusts your traditional recipes to the right convection time and temperature without all the complexity.

Shatter-Resistant Glass – Stringently tested for ultimate reliability, your cooktop’s glass will resist scratches, chips and cracks.

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