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Miele Ventilation Hoods

Con@ctivity 2.0/3.0 – Automatic operation for intelligent blower control
Optimum room climate: The required blower output is automatically controlled by the cooktop settings.

Just for you: ventilation hoods can be customized to suit your requirements.

Stainless-steel grease filters (10-layer)
Efficient in extracting steam, The high-quality metal grease filters are dishwasher-safe and extremely durable.

Miele CleanCover
Miele’s unique easy cleaning: The sealed, smooth surface prevents contact with the electrical components/motor.

Motorized canopy
Best possible ergonomics The ventilation hood canopy automatically moves to the ideal work position.

Filter saturation indicator
Easy filter replacement: A red light lets you know when the grease and/or active charcoal filter is saturated.

Edge vented
Efficient and beautiful: With edge vented the grease filters are concealed by a stainless steel or glass panel.

Miele Downdraft Ventilation

Design variety
Clear design, intelligent technology: you can choose between many models and features.

The elegant solution behind the Cooktop
In addition to the wide range of wall and island ventilation hoods, ceiling extractors and integrated ventilation hoods, Miele has developed downdraft systems for integration into a countertop.

Safety turn off
Sensible, even in case of operating errors: The ventilation hood will switch off automatically after 10 hours.

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