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Monogram Gas Cooktops

Precision Knobs – With embedded sapphire glass illuminate each knob making it easy to view and select heat settings.

Brass Burners Accents – For the ultimate in elegant styling.

Dual-Flame Stacked Burner – Provide complete 140ºF simmer-to-rapid-boil flexibility on all burners; the burners are sealed to the cooktop for easy cleaning.

Tri-Ring Burner – Versatile burner creates 20,000 BTUs of intense heat, perfect for searing, frying and sautéing.

Remote Connectivity via WiFi – Allows you to wirelessly control gas cooktop functions from your smartphone.

Electronic Kitchen Timer – Built-in to the cooktop for meal preparation.

Bluetooth Connectivity – Bluetooth technology pairs your Monogram gas cooktop and hood for proper cooking ventilation.

Electronic Ignition – Ensures a continuous flame and reignites automatically if accidentally extinguished.

Continuous Grates – Designed for even cooking and simple movement of cookware across the surface.

Monogram Induction Cooktops

Cooking Elements – Enjoy a new level of rapid, precise heating with a cool-to-the-touch surface that’s easy to clean.

Glide Touch Controls – Easy to use electronic controls allow you to precisely raise or lower heat in an instant with one easy swipe.

SyncBurners – Control two elements simultaneously to evenly heat large cookware or the included griddle.

Melt Setting – Gently melt delicate foods without burning or scorching.

Control Lock Capability – Protects against unintended activation.

Monogram Electric Cooktops

Cooking Elements – Cook foods quickly and evenly on this sleek, glass surface.

Glide Touch Controls – Precisely control heat instantly and easily with one swipe.

SyncBurners – Control two elements simultaneously to evenly heat large cookware or the included griddle

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